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A violent approach to violence will not bring peace

Photo by hosny salah from Pixabay

We repudiate the warmongering policies of governments. We, the people, want to live in peace.

The only way out is the methodology of active non-violence.

Militiamen of the Hamas terrorist group attacked civilian and military targets in Israeli territory, killing hundreds of people and causing panic among the population.

The Israeli government's response, also terrorist, was swift, including the bombing of defenseless populations, causing hundreds of civilian victims and sowing destruction and horror in Gaza. The Israeli authorities have taken the opportunity for un harsh revenge by threatening a long and bloody war until what they call a final solution.

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Statement by the Community for Human Development on the occasion of the International Day of Non-violence 2nd October 2023

In 2007, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly established the 2nd of October, Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, as the "International Day of Non-Violence". This year, we celebrate the sixteenth anniversary of this commemoration.

Thanks to its thousands of volunteers, the Community for Human Development, a social and cultural grouping of the Humanist Movement, has been working for more than 50 years with the aim of establishing a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence in the world. A culture and a new consciousness that repudiates violence, puts the human being as the central value and uses active non-violence as a method of action.

A quick glance at the world reveals that the current situation is critical. Armed conflicts are raging in large parts of the world, coupled with a deep global financial crisis and the looming nuclear threat as an immediate emergency. In addition, recent "natural" disasters are claiming dramatic human losses, while so many others are drowning as they cross the sea in search of a better future. There are also those dying slowly in their addiction to fentanyl, which is already considered a pandemic in the United States, and the use of other drugs, legal or illegal.

Around the world we are witnessing a worrying deepening of economic inequality, with a growing concentration of wealth that relegates the majority of the population to misery, exploitation and deprivation of their fundamental rights. Additionally, we are witnessing a resurgence of violent and discriminatory ideologies, masquerading as solutions to the current systemic crisis. This situation has led to an increase in social isolation, resignation and a feeling of disorientation that has caused the appearance of symptoms of psychosocial discomfort, which represents a dangerous disconnection between the individual and his social environment.

This violence that manifests in the society is also present inside the human being, who ends up competing at work, in the neighborhood... even competing with his own brother. Fearful of being left out. Of not being able to survive in this individualistic system. A system that locks people in a bubble woven with the threads of big data. A system that at first is comfortable but ends up being suffering and suffocating.

There are no longer any possible arguments that can justify the current barbarism. The illusion of happiness that the culture of money and “every man for himself” promotes is causing great disagreements between cultures and people. It is false and illusory to imagine that these serious problems will be resolved only thanks to the action of governments or from the sectors of current world power that generate the crisis. It is necessary the reflection and decisive action by organizations and ordinary people who want to live in a better world. For this reason, today the purpose of The Community is more relevant than ever: the installation of a new humanist and non-violent culture.

This new culture will be correlative of a configuration of advanced consciousness, in which all types of violence will induce disgust. The installation of such a structuring of non-violent consciousness in societies would be a profound cultural achievement. It would go beyond thoughts and emotions that are slightly manifested in current societies, to begin to form part of the psychosomatic and psychosocial framework of the human being.

It is without a doubt worth celebrating the Day of Non-violence this 2nd of October. To grow and strengthen this culture of Non-violence as a new sensitivity that begins to express itself in growing opposition to different forms of violence and as a force capable of modifying the violent and inhumane direction of current events.

It is worth remembering the possibility of profound, personal and social change, offered by the methodology of action based on "Active Nonviolence." This new attitude towards life has as its main tools:

  • The rejection of, and a void towards, different forms of discrimination and violence.
  • Non-collaboration with violent practices.
  • Denunciation of all acts of violence and discrimination.
  • Civil disobedience in front of institutionalized violence.
  • Social and voluntary organization and mobilization in solidarity.
  • Decisive support to everything which favors active nonviolence.
  • The overcoming of the roots of violence in oneself, development of personal virtues and the best and most profound human aspirations.

The experience of violence is in our memory, but we have also the experience of having overcome and resisted it. This fair resistance to all forms of violence is what has allowed countries and people to advance throughout history. Non-violence is the only way out because in it lies the strength to believe and create another world. We know that suffering can be defeated, we know that a personal state of increasing satisfaction can be achieved and that this depends on the clarification that we make of the meaning of our life.

For all this, we encourage you to celebrate the 2nd of October with your eyes set on the future that we are already building thanks to diversity, joy, open communication, the encounter between people and cultures, and also the human being with himself.

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August 6th, 2023: The peoples of the world demand peace and non-violence

On August 6th, we commemorate the nuclear massacre carried out by the United States in Hiroshima 78 years ago, against an unarmed civilian population. It was the first time such an extermination of this scale occurred and was repeated three days later in Nagasaki.

It marked the beginning of the global domination of the United States. No other State committed such a tremendous act of genocide with a nuclear arsenal before or after these events.
It also marked the following years (the so-called Cold War) in which power State armed themselves exponentially.

Today, the escalation initiated by U.S. military strategies, focused on NATO expansion to the east and the creation of new military alliances in the Indochina region, has provoked a bellicose response from Russia (war in Ukraine) and China (increased military pressure on Taiwan). This puts all the humanity at risk of nuclear conflict again, at a time when the United States is losing global economic control to other world players.

The arms industry, the largest industry, is the one for which United Nations Security Council member States spend the largest budget. Yes, those same States that should guarantee peace and possess the largest nuclear arsenal.

"Preventive" wars, for the "defense of strategic interests," "restoration of freedom and democracy," "free trade," "stability," and other lies seek to justify the use of weapons, and wars for money.
Money that seeks to reproduce itself through the global financial system, at the cost of misery, hunger, exploitation, marginalization, forced migrations, and genocides.

The global financial system deepens social inequalities by imposing certain areas of the planet to provide low-cost or semi-slave labor, plundering resources for the growth of their empire in others. Still, others are destined to become a "theater" of internal struggles, social and biological experiments, or continuous bombardments. In all cases, in violation of every human right.

The arms industry proliferates not only through "conventional" wars but also through control systems that governments use to monitor, control, and suppress populations when they rise up demanding respect for their fundamental rights.

This is the scale of values of this violent and anti-humanist system. The predominance of violence through weapons. Death over life.

The peoples of the world do not want this. They want to live in harmony and develop themselves free from injustice, revenge, and senselessness.

It is time to leave behind the decadent values of this system and build a new society.

In many parts of the world, humanists and many other communities will commemorate this date. To remember, but also to demand:

  • Adherence and respect for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons by nuclear powers to free humanity from this deadly danger.
  • Cessation of armed conflicts through dialogue and diplomacy.
  • Reduction of the budget for armaments and armies and the use of this budget to ensure decent living conditions and respect for human rights in all regions of the planet.
  • Demilitarization, withdrawal of troops from occupied territories, and an end to economic blockades.
  • Fair distribution of wealth.
  • Planning and agreement of populations on the use of resources.
  • Cancellation of public debts and the creation of an interest-free banking system.
  • Active nonviolence as a moral force for a new planetary civilization already nested in the hearts of the peoples of the world.

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World communiqué on the pandemic

covid 4948866 1920 720x482

Photo Miroslava Chrienova, Pixabay

The World Coordination Team of The Community for Human Development, in the face of the global health catastrophe that is occurring due to the COVI Pandemic, made even more evident in the very serious events that are happening to our brothers in India, Bangladesh, Latinamerica, Africa and many other places of this Universal Human Nation.

We make a worldwide call to all international organisms, social organizations and individuals to help in this critical situation and to act, as far as they can, to solve immediately this serious Pandemic that is devastating humanity.

We call for solidarity among individuals and peoples, convinced that there will be no future for anyone, if it does not belong to everyone and for everyone.

For all these reasons, we demand immediately:

1.  The release of patents on all vaccines.

2.  The massive production and urgent distribution of vaccines to the entire world population.

3.  The production and distribution of all pharmacological treatments and material means, essential to treat this Pandemic.

4.  The control of the world sanitary situation to the world organisms: UN, WHO, PAHO, etc. their coordination and the application of these and other measures, using the necessary means.

We are sure that:



Nothing more. Thank you very much.


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October 2, 2018 International Day of Non-Violence

2 de octubre d a Internacional5801 720x396

No Human Being is born violent, violence is not a destiny, it is an intention. The opposite intention is possible.

The Methodology of Non-violence is the only valid way to banish violence in the World.”

In 2007 the General Assembly of The United Nations (UN) established 2 October, day of Mahatma Gandhi´s birth, as the “International Day of Non-Violence”. So, this year we are celebrating its eleventh anniversary.

Violence in every conceivable form is spreading across the planet. Conventional wars, occupied territories, nuclear that could lead to a future nuclear catastrophe, famine, mass migrations, economic exploitation, crisis of millions of refugees, terrorist attacks, violence in schools, cities, homes, and violence also within people that is expressed as internal suffering and generates despair.

Violence, in all its forms, is a fundamental part of an individualistic and dehumanizing system whose methodology of action always generates more violence.

However, by observing the events of recent years, it is possible to see a way to solve the problem: the “Methodology of Active Non-Violence”

Non-Violence is a new sensitivity that beginning to be expressed in the growing opposition to different forms of violence on different continents and in large and small groups of people and even in individual actions.

Non-Violence is a methodology of action that promotes a profound individual and social transformation, placing the Human Being as a Central Value.

Non-Violence is a force capable of changing the violent and inhumane direction of current events.

Non-violence promotes a new internal and external attitude towards life, having as main tools:

  • Personal change, empowerment and internal development, and simultaneous social transformation.

  • The rejection of and void in different forms of discrimination and violence.

  • Non-collaboration with violent practices.

  • The denunciation of all acts of discrimination and violence

  • Civil disobedience against of institutionalized violence.

  • The organization and social mobilization, voluntary and supportive.

  • The development of personal virtues and the best and deepest human aspiration.

The Methodology of Non-Violence has been expressed in history with clear actions and developments in its attempt to transforms the world. Contributions such as those made by Leon Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and more recently by the Guide of Non-Violence and founder of the current of thought known as New Humanism, Silo.

The Methodology of Non-Violence is also expressed in the thousands and thousands of common actions that millions of people around the world promote every day. Organizations, groups of volunteers and isolated people who, with a spirit of solidarity, try to transform the situations of violence that exist around them.

Are signs of Non-Violence, sings of a new spirituality and a new solidarity.

Signs of a new personal and social horizon that we need to build. They are signs of a Non-Violent evolution of which everyone can be part.

Bit by bit is being understood that: “Without progress for all, there will be no progress for none”.

It is the right time to express the calm and powerful message of Non-Violence. A time of great need that we must express our best qualities to build a Non-Violence future.

Next October 2nd let us radiate with strength to the world the message that says:

The Methodology of Non-Violence is the only way out”

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