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August 6th, 2023: The peoples of the world demand peace and non-violence

On August 6th, we commemorate the nuclear massacre carried out by the United States in Hiroshima 78 years ago, against an unarmed civilian population. It was the first time such an extermination of this scale occurred and was repeated three days later in Nagasaki.

It marked the beginning of the global domination of the United States. No other State committed such a tremendous act of genocide with a nuclear arsenal before or after these events.
It also marked the following years (the so-called Cold War) in which power State armed themselves exponentially.

Today, the escalation initiated by U.S. military strategies, focused on NATO expansion to the east and the creation of new military alliances in the Indochina region, has provoked a bellicose response from Russia (war in Ukraine) and China (increased military pressure on Taiwan). This puts all the humanity at risk of nuclear conflict again, at a time when the United States is losing global economic control to other world players.

The arms industry, the largest industry, is the one for which United Nations Security Council member States spend the largest budget. Yes, those same States that should guarantee peace and possess the largest nuclear arsenal.

"Preventive" wars, for the "defense of strategic interests," "restoration of freedom and democracy," "free trade," "stability," and other lies seek to justify the use of weapons, and wars for money.
Money that seeks to reproduce itself through the global financial system, at the cost of misery, hunger, exploitation, marginalization, forced migrations, and genocides.

The global financial system deepens social inequalities by imposing certain areas of the planet to provide low-cost or semi-slave labor, plundering resources for the growth of their empire in others. Still, others are destined to become a "theater" of internal struggles, social and biological experiments, or continuous bombardments. In all cases, in violation of every human right.

The arms industry proliferates not only through "conventional" wars but also through control systems that governments use to monitor, control, and suppress populations when they rise up demanding respect for their fundamental rights.

This is the scale of values of this violent and anti-humanist system. The predominance of violence through weapons. Death over life.

The peoples of the world do not want this. They want to live in harmony and develop themselves free from injustice, revenge, and senselessness.

It is time to leave behind the decadent values of this system and build a new society.

In many parts of the world, humanists and many other communities will commemorate this date. To remember, but also to demand:

  • Adherence and respect for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons by nuclear powers to free humanity from this deadly danger.
  • Cessation of armed conflicts through dialogue and diplomacy.
  • Reduction of the budget for armaments and armies and the use of this budget to ensure decent living conditions and respect for human rights in all regions of the planet.
  • Demilitarization, withdrawal of troops from occupied territories, and an end to economic blockades.
  • Fair distribution of wealth.
  • Planning and agreement of populations on the use of resources.
  • Cancellation of public debts and the creation of an interest-free banking system.
  • Active nonviolence as a moral force for a new planetary civilization already nested in the hearts of the peoples of the world.

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On this day, October 2, World Day of Nonviolence,

  • In our right to reaffirm the human being as the highest value and central concern.
  • Recalling the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • We declare that war is a disaster for people all over the world.
  • We defend the right of the people not to participate, nor to collaborate, with the war. The right of the people not to kill, or to die. The right of people to live in peace. People are not killed.
  • We publicly denounce that whoever is behind the war is the big economic interests. They are the ones who hide behind corrupt and incapable leaders with their deceitful words.
  • We demand to abide by the Resolutions and Recommendations of the United Nations.
  • We demand immediate withdrawal from the invaded territories.
  • We demand the dismantling of nuclear arsenals.
  • We demand progressive control and disarmament.
  • We demand to make the Law and Justice work, not hinder it.
  • In the domestic order, comply with what is preached, leaving behind the hypocritical rhetoric that poisons the new generations.
  • In the personal order, give coherence to our lives and treat others as we want to be treated. We make a public call to pressure everywhere and at all times those who decide. To spread the ideals of Peace and the methodology of Active Non-violence, to empty, not to collaborate, with violence.

The time has come to call for the necessary union of all humanists in the world.

The time has come to stop as each one can, this disaster.

We must prepare, among all and for all, the path of the new times.

World Coordination Team of The Community for Human Development

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